Playing the Pirate’s Golden Age Slots

It was on the balmy but often turbulent seas of the Caribbean that the Golden Age of Piracy took place, from around the middle of the 17th century through the early part of the 18th. By inference, this looks to be the time period in which the Pragmatic Play slot machine Pirate Golden Age is set. The regular game of the simple slot machine Pirate Golden Age offers nothing unusual, but there is a bonus round in which players can fling mysterious symbols into the reels and collect them.

The reels of Pirate Golden Age are 5 reels wide by 4 rows high, and there are 20 fixed paylines in play. There are high mountains careening down into bright green-blue sea in the backdrop, and there’s a creepy skull thing off to the right, above some crabs that are scurrying about. It’s a good beginning to a potentially exciting game. Unfortunately, the goodwill dissipated as quickly as a swab’s ability to remain sober on their day off.

Bets on Pirate Golden Age may range from 20 pence to £/€100 each spin, and the slot can be played on mobile, tablet, or desktop. This trip is extremely risky, so be ready for anything. The game has three return to player percentage (RTP) options, the best of which is 96.49%, as is typical for Pragmatic Play titles. In Pirate Golden Age, there are 10 regular pay symbols, and regular winnings come when matching symbols land across paylines, clockwise from the leftmost side.

The lowest-paying tiles include the royal cards J through A, while the highest-paying tiles have bombs, anchors, parrots, and three pirate figures. Five of a type of a royal pays between 1.5 and 3 times the wager, whereas a win with any other combination of symbols pays between 6.25 and 75 times the wager. The wild symbol is the skeleton wearing a pirate cap, and it may appear on any of the reels to replace any other symbol in the game except for the bonus sign. If five wilds form a winning line, the payout is 75 times the wager.

Golden Age of Piracy Slots’ Extras

There are no extra features in Pirate Golden Age, but the game does contain a free spins bonus round that is activated if three or more bonus symbols appear on the reels. Besides the free games, winning combinations of 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols pay out 2x, 20x, or 200x the wager, respectively.

During the bonus games, a mysterious symbol depicting a golden skull appears. Whenever a mystery symbol lands, it will change into a random pay symbol or a wild symbol. After a spin, a meter will gather all of the hidden symbols. Mystery symbols that have been gathered are placed back to the screen in random places at the end of each free spin, and additional mystery symbols might still appear throughout the feature. Mystery symbols in a given cell are multiplied by the number of times they appear in that cell. The multiplier is the same as the sum of the cell’s secret symbols. If several wild multipliers contribute to a victory, their values are summed together before being applied. Last but not least, if the meter has been filled with 5 mystery symbols, the player will receive an additional 1, 2, or 3 free games.

Slot Verdict for the Golden Age of Piracy

Pirate slots aren’t exactly rare, so they need a little bit extra to stand out. Slots that combine gaming features with the salty theme, like Relax Gaming’s Dead Man’s Trail, stand out for their inventiveness and build quality, much like a tribute to the sea in the form of a slot machine. Akin to that, at least. There are additional games that stand out from the crowd like Pirate Golden Age. What’s a good way to express it? The Golden Age of Piracy was a bore. The regular gameplay was as dry as a pirate captain’s lips after a night on the rum, and the bonus spins didn’t improve matters much. I apologize for the exaggeration.

Let’s look for the silver linings in these clouds. The going is rough. The Golden Age of Piracy is boring. The music, at one point, was unbearable. It sounded, at times, like an accordion was being played by an intoxicated person who was about to fall down. The music in Pirate Golden Age isn’t very memorable, but the game’s lackluster mechanics make up for it. The collecting function is one of several oddities; it’s unclear what use it serves, as the coins are just re-added after each spin. It seems like they could have simply been rearranged on the board, and if a certain threshold was reached, further spins could have been unlocked.

One of the game’s selling points is how “piratey” it seems. Players who can never get enough swashbuckling may find something entertaining in the abundance of brigands, explosives, and bones. It wasn’t too tough to activate the free spins bonus round, so players who are into mystery symbols (is there such a thing?) would enjoy it. The maximum payout with this slot machine is 3,000 times the initial wager, so it’s not exactly a high-paying option. So, although the Silver Train is in town, reaching the victory cap isn’t exactly sacking Portobello.

Truthfully, no-deposit spins went alright on occasion, and the game’s basic design may appeal to certain gamers. There isn’t much there, and it lacked the necessary punch and depth to really engage the reader. Or overall vim and vigor. To close, let’s use a little more exaggeration. Envision yourself collecting funds for a trip to the Spanish Main, assembling an eclectic crew, and crossing the Atlantic with a battered map in hand. Then there was the time I dug out a treasure box, only to discover it was bare. The sensation of emptiness when the Pirate Golden Age period was over was quite similar to this one.






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